The Underground Theater

An event showcasing up and coming filmmakers in the Los Angeles's underground film community. An alternative to the mainstream film circuit and a more intimate experience for lovers of film. 

Producer: Modshift
Editor: Arian Soheili

Underground Theater 9/15/17

Jo Artis

Rhianna's Desperado

Jo Artis eats a slice of pizza and naturally transforms into a desperado.

Megan Lawson

Yang. Fire. Fruit.

A bathtub, a kimono, and a grapefruit. Megan Lawson translates words into three dimensional space.

Mindshare Event

A night at Syrup Loft

Mindshare hosts an event at the legendary Syrup Loft. An abundance of artists, thinkers and party people converge into a mix of live art, performances and fire play.

Mathew Curran

A street artist has no fear.